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August 15, 2018

Travelling Australia With Dogs

Traveling Australia for the first time with a dog can be a huge challenge especially if your dog is not used to long road trips. Some dogs are confined to the home and some have a specific place where they ease themselves while others become dog sick any time they are in a moving vehicle for a prolonged period. This should, however not be a reason to hold back from taking the long-awaited trip to Australia.

Below are great tips that will make it more comfortable to travel with a dog to Australia:

  • Train your dog to endure a long car trip before the planned visit to Australia: Prior to your trip, ensure that you take your dog whenever you need to run an errand. This will make him get used to being in the vehicle for a longer period which will make it easier when going for the major trip.
  • Prepare enough food and a water bowl that will be used throughout the trip: To make it easier for your dog when traveling, it will be vital to continue feeding him the food he is used to taking at home. Ensure that the food is enough and will not run out before the trip is over.
  • Place a microchip in him and write your phone number on his collar tag: This will make it possible to locate the dog in case he will wander off while in Australia. A person could also find the wandering dog and use the number on his collar to contact you. Alternatively, the microchip can be read by a vet and all your details will be accessible making it possible to get reunited with your dog.
  • Carry a first aid kit specially made for dogs: Ensure that all the items that will be required to offer first aid if a need arises are in the kit before traveling. You should also have the contacts of your vet so that you can seek expert advice in case there will be a need.
  • Ensure that the dog is de-wormed and vaccinated: Since you will be traveling to a new place where there is a possibility of having your dog interact with other dogs, it is important to prevent them against the risk of catching a disease or being infested with worms. A certificate that proves the vaccination of your dog should also be included in your travel.
  • Carry the beddings your dog is used to sleeping on: Despite being in a new environment, your dog will feel better and get better sleep if he will be lying on a place he is familiar with.

When traveling to Australia, it will be important to get a light rope on the dog’s collar so that you will be able to contain him in case you make a stopover along the road. This will prevent the dog from running on the road which can put it at a risk of being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

You do not have to leave your dog behind when traveling to Australia if you make the necessary arrangements. It will be a form of entertainment for the family and will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.